Welcome to the official PC Ninja online shop. We have select offerings from budget to mid-high range computers and accessories that we feel our customers need. We have chosen our items carefully to best serve our customers and will be continually adding more.  We've created one more way to make our motto a reality: one click away from saving your day!

Our shop theme is simple, every computer has been put into three categories:

Budget = A good computer for the average user. It is good for light, daily use to include checking emails, browsing the web, minor work on office documents and playing non-graphically intensive games (e.g. Mahjong, Solitaire, Pinball, Facebook games and games on the Pogo site). A budget computer may be a slightly slower computer but as it will not used in a specific way, the criteria of a more powerful/speedier computer or one with more storage space isn't as important.  

Better = A computer used for the above average user with mid range computer work to include word processing (typing and making documents), watching videos online, medium researching of the internet, medium video and graphics editing. High school, college students and business professionals relying on computers do accomplish their daily non-technical tasks may be examples of users needing this type of computer.

Best = A computer that is going to be used in an intensive way, doing heavy computer work in video/graphics editing, document/database processing, web design, video streaming and online video gaming that require speedier processing power. An example of someone needing a computer of this nature may be a business professional or college student needing the computer to do programming, database creation, technical/engineering functions, mathematical calculations, Computer Aided Design (CAD) functions and video production/editing. Computer users that play graphically demanding interactive games online may also require these computers.